Lógica Plana

The ceramic tile Logica Plana is a tile of avant-garde design created by the prestigious Benedito Design. With straight lines, minimalist and clean looks are characteristics of this avant-garde model of tile. The ceramic tile Logica Plana is pressed into plaster molds and baked at high temperatures, in individual support H-Cassette, getting with this, not only eliminate any manufacturing defect visually, if not providing the product with unbeatable technical characteristics ( absorption levels below 5% high resistance to transit, frost resistance, etc..). It has a lace system with ribs reinforced on the inside for easy installation on the cover. Like other tiles Logica range, Tejas Cobert offers 50 years warranty on these products. The ceramic tile Logica Plana is a model truly versatile tile because it can be placed not only on the roof but also on the facade as if it were a tile. This model is available in a wide variety of finishes, from the red to the exclusive finish Satin Moon. Tejas Cobert applies the latest technology in the manufacture of ceramic tiles in this model for an authentic flat tile.

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Technical Specifications

Type Installation Dimensions overall (cm) Weight per unit (kg) Number of roof tiles per m2 Weight per m2 (kg) Gauge (cm) Cover width (cm) Battens(ml/m2)
Flat, double lap Broken bond 45,9×28,7 (Red Base)/45,4×28,4 (Fully Covered) 4,6 11 50,6 Red Base Max. 37,5 Fully Covered Max. 37 24,5 2,7
Units per Pallet Weight per pallet (kg) Regulation Impermeability Category Frost Transverse breaking strength Fire resistance
210 – 280 1001 – 1330 UNE – EN 1304 1 UNE-EN 539-1 Method 2 150 cycles UNE-EN 539-2 >=900 N UNE-EN 538 class A1 UNE-EN 13501-1