Lógica Marselha

The Ceramic tile Lógica Marselha hits for its beauty, by combining traditional aesthetics with a finished made from modern lines. The Logica Marsella represents the heritage of tradition as it transforms the existing roofs, in roofs of other styles and periods. The Logica Marsella is pressed into plaster molds and is baked at high temperatures in individual supports H Cassette, giving it a perfect end look and unique quality. The uniformity of all roof tiles, along with its guided assembly systems, allows quick and easy installation on any roof. It has a high and steep set of nerves that guarantee perfect sealing. Tejas Cobert has designed a wide range of special pieces exclusive to this model of mixed tile. Its use allows the installer to resolve any singular point on the cover easily, respecting the aesthetic that provides the use of the Logica Tile.

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Technical Specifications

Type Installation Dimensions overall (cm) Weight per unit (kg) Number of roof tiles per m2 Weight per m2 (kg) Gauge (cm) Cover width (cm) Battens(ml/m2)
Flat, double lap Broken bond 45,9 x 26,3 3,6 11,5 41,4 39,4 22,4 2,6
Units per Pallet Weight per pallet (kg) Regulation Impermeability Category Frost Transverse breaking strength Fire resistance
210-280 739 – 980 UNE – EN 1304 1 UNE-EN 539-1 Method 2 150 cycles UNE-EN 539-2 method E >=900 N UNE-EN 538 class A1 UNE-EN 13501-1