Technical Specifications

Type Installation Dimensions overall (cm) Weight per unit (kg) Number of roof tiles per m2 Weight per m2 (kg) Gauge (cm) Cover width (cm) Battens(ml/m2)
Flat, double lap Broken bond 45,9 x 26,3 3,6 11,5 41,4 39,4 22,4 2,6
Units per Pallet Weight per pallet (kg) Regulation Impermeability Category Frost Transverse breaking strength Fire resistance
210-280 739 – 980 UNE – EN 1304 1 UNE-EN 539-1 Method 2 150 cycles UNE-EN 539-2 method E >=900 N UNE-EN 538 class A1 UNE-EN 13501-1

Black, Blue Dubai, Brown, Ebony, Glazed Blue, Green, Magma, Red


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