Advance Premium Marseille

The Advance Premium Marseille roof tile it is used in the most
varied types of roof covers and with it’s discreet but elegant
contour, it lends harmony and very characteristic modeling to
the roofs. It is one of the most successful models in all of Europe
and it is known for being used in restoration roof covers and in
the most daring projects.
The tile’s low absorption, combined with pronounced transverse
and longitudinal interlocks ensure complete sealing of the roof.
On the other hand, the low weight of the tile permits distributing
a greater number of tiles per pallet, and consequently, per
container, making it more profitable.
In the manufacturing of the ADVANCE Premium roof tile,
sandstone clay and plaster of Paris molds are used with results
in it, being a reference standard with the highest levels of
resistance and 35 Years Guarantee.