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Lógica Lusa

Roof Tile of traditional format manufactured with the highest technology. Its clean lines, combined with an unsurpassed quality make perfectly fulfills its purpose of beauty and durability. Lógica Lusa is a roof tile pressed into plaster molds, upper and lower, so their final appearance is immaculate. It is baked at high temperatures because it reduces the absorption and allows a unique sealing.

Lógica Marselha

The Ceramic tile Lógica Marselha hits for its beauty, by combining traditional aesthetics with a finished made from modern lines. The Logica Marsella represents the heritage of tradition as it transforms the existing roofs, in roofs of other styles and periods. The Logica Marsella is pressed into plaster molds and is baked at high temperatures in individual supports H Cassette, giving it a perfect end look and unique quality. The uniformity of all roof tiles, along with its guided assembly systems, allows quick and easy installation on any roof. It has a high and steep set of nerves that guarantee perfect sealing. Tejas Cobert has designed a wide range of special pieces exclusive to this model of mixed tile. Its use allows the installer to resolve any singular point on the cover easily, respecting the aesthetic that provides the use of the Logica Tile.

Lógica Plana

The ceramic tile Logica Plana is a tile of avant-garde design created by the prestigious Benedito Design. With straight lines, minimalist and clean looks are characteristics of this avant-garde model of tile. The ceramic tile Logica Plana is pressed into plaster molds and baked at high temperatures, in individual support H-Cassette, getting with this, not only eliminate any manufacturing defect visually, if not providing the product with unbeatable technical characteristics ( absorption levels below 5% high resistance to transit, frost resistance, etc..). It has a lace system with ribs reinforced on the inside for easy installation on the cover. Like other tiles Logica range, Tejas Cobert offers 50 years warranty on these products. The ceramic tile Logica Plana is a model truly versatile tile because it can be placed not only on the roof but also on the facade as if it were a tile. This model is available in a wide variety of finishes, from the red to the exclusive finish Satin Moon. Tejas Cobert applies the latest technology in the manufacture of ceramic tiles in this model for an authentic flat tile.